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Flyers are a great way to promote your products


Flier is type of pamphlet. It is single paged and a combination of graphics and text. They can be printed on one or both sides of the page. Most of the times it is used for mass advertising campaigns, social reach out programs, event announcements etc. They are equally famous in their utility with both companies and individuals who use it to advertise or announce their new products, events or services.

The basic purpose of flyers is to give limited information to the targeted group in a very low and limited budget. Commonly provided information through flyers includes:

  • Information on commercial or social events
  • Product advertisement by mentioning some of the specifications
  • Fact sheet like those distributed in press conferences/li>

Flyers may be handed out personally to every passer-by for which reason they are also called hand-outs. Some people also put them inside or along with newspapers or journals to improve their readership. They may also be put on the notice board or pasted on walls, trees and boards in and around public places like parks, schools, colleges, markets, cafes, community centers and shopping malls. Hand out type flyers may be printed on both sides of the page whereas, those which are printed with intention of pasting on wall or displaying on notice boards, are printed on one side only. The act of distributing or pasting the flyers is known as flyering.

Flyers are commonly printed on recycled paper or very low quality paper. This keeps their cost to the minimum and makes them an excellent and affordable tool for spreading know how about a certain product, event or subject. For this reason, many people who cannot afford to advertise in newspapers, magazines, cable TV or radios choose flyers as their option. They are so cheap in fact, that they are sometimes literally thrown away into places in hope that people will pick them up and read themselves.

Another reason for choosing flyers is that you do not have to follow strict rules and regulations, which you have to take care of while advertising in news-papers or other sorts of media. You can literally express whatever you fancy, however, this may go to your disadvantage as well.

The sizes of flyers may vary according to the task at hand and the budget. Some of the common sizes include:

  • Letterhead (A4 size)
  • Half letterhead (A5 size)
  • Compslip (DL size)
  • Postcard (A6 size)
  • Credit card (CC size)

Flyers One more reason that has increased the use of flyers is the development in IT and the emergence of desktop publishing software packages. It is no more a job of expert printing press rather easy to use desktop publishing software has made it increasingly easy for people to design their flyers. However, many people still prefer to hire the services of expert graphic designer or printing press. A layman can design a flyer but cannot guarantee that it will be eye catching. It is a job of a professional designer to make it effective and captivating. It is therefore, highly advisable to take help of printing press to serve your needs best.

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